Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The List ... 2010

Being that I've achieved some of the items on my now old list, and that other items are no longer necessary for one reason or another, I've created a new list. It's roughly the same length, with a lot of the same content, but there have been a few noticeable changes. Now, the 2010 List:

1. Get a license
2. Visit family in Germany
3. Got to India
4. Go to Salem, MA for Halloween/Samhain
5. Meet and shake hands with Barry Gordy and/or Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson
6. Road trip across the United States
7. Dance naked under a full moon (Full moon this Winter Solstice... )
8. Go to Europe (specifically London, Wales, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Greece (Delphi), and France)
9. Go to an exotic dance club in Europe and dance
10. Visit at least 2 or 3 cities in every state in the US, plus 4 or 5 in every country in Europe.
11. Join the mile high club
12. Learn to play piano and guitar
13. Learn to surf
14. Snowboard
15. Hold a snake
16. Skinny dip in a natural body of water
17. Have a meaningful kiss on New Year's
18. Play one round of slots at a casino
19. Have a water balloon fight in winter
20. Go to Disneyland again, and go on every ride! (again, plus two.) (Do Disneyland and California Adventure)
21. Go to Niagara Falls
22. Play strip poker
23. Scuba dive
24. Stay in the Caribbean for at least two weeks
25. Make snow angels
26. Learn to skate board
27. Go to the annual hippie fest
28. Find a career of meaning for myself
29. Participate in a protest
30. Hang glide
31. Ride in a hot air balloon
32. Dance in the rain
33. Water ski
34. Learn to sing better
35. Conquer my fear of performing
36. Swim under a real waterfall
37. Learn to striptease ;D (for my own personal enjoyment...)
38. Attend Burning Man
39. Fairieworlds - Summer
Document everything in photographs and video, be sure to be IN the photographs and video,
and 40. Write a book of all my adventures (in progress... :) )

Of the original list, the completed:
Drink a real margarita = I have done this a number of times, so much so, that I can't remember exactly when my first time was. :P
Get kissed in the rain = I believe this happened earlier this year while out of state, but I'm not completely positive on that. And that being said, I am completely open to it happening again. :D lol
Meet someone famous = I am up to 2 1/2! I have actually spoke, shook hands, and gotten pictures with Brain Froud (artist and creative consultant on Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. Ran into him at an art exhibit on July 18th) and T.A. Barron, author of my favorite books, The Lost Years Of Merlin Epic Series. Met him at a book signing at our local bookstore around October 15th. The 1/2 was my swing n' miss moment with Zac Hanson back on November 12th, 2008, mentioned in a previous blog. If I ever get a chance to meet him again, and grow the balls to say anything, I can change that half to a whole.
Get my nose pierced = November 6th, 2009 around 12:30pm w/ one of my dearest friends.
At least start learning how to become a record producer/engineer = Am (hopefully) to be enrolled in my first class by January 14th, 2011. It's a little up in the air right now. The class was marked as 'closed', so I have to see if they can add me.
Jump off a cliff into a lake = I've decided against this, once figuring out I can't swim very well in dense bodies of water. Swimming pools, good, rivers ok, lakes...bad! : P

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Heelllloooo ooout theeree!!

I am horrible at staying in touch with people, family included, and I will be the first to admit this. In an attempt to remedy this, the following blog will be copied (with some this) and mailed to the appropriate destinations. By the way, I'm also trying to over ride irritation and mild anger as I write this, so I apologize if this post seems a bit scattered at times.

*Small update: It is now the next day, and the last line above is no longer applicable.

" What a long, strange trip it's been." I don't think Jerry could have said it any better. Those words have never rung so true for me, as they do now. As busy as I've been, I am aware that the Solstice isn't even here yet, let alone the end of the year, but I felt it necessary to get this out in writing. (That, and I haven't written in this thing since... July.. I think.)

This year has been my year of years, in the best ways possible. (And I'm hoping, will continue to be.) I've done everything from conversing with hippies (some of my favorite people) and fourteen-toed huskies named Zorro, to cage dancing and getting splattered with "alien" and "human" blood while moshing pitting at an Opera house theater in SF, during a full moon. ("If I'm lyin', I'm cryin'!" )

I've gotten out of a terrible relationship, had some weird ones, and am now in the middle of a wonderful one. :D (Thank You, Goddess.)

I have experienced, and continue to experience, more in this year than I have in my entire life, good and bad. (One moment in particular, I am far less than proud of.... I won't go into details here, so suffice it to say, lesson learned: Pace yourself!) I have met some of my favorite people (Brian Froud, T.A Barron), made new friends, and created new relationships (good ones) with old friends.

I am currently in the midst of getting everything together that I need for school, where I will be taking my first class in a program of record production and engineering. #23 on original list.

I may not have a car, or a license, or even my own apartment yet, but there are at least two things I've discovered: 1. Everything on The List, yet to be achieved, updated list included, is ten times easier to achieve, and 2. "I'd rather die on my feet, than live on knees." But all in all.. I'd rather live. And I rather enjoy doing so...

"To live, would be a mighty great adventure..."

-Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie

Monday, August 16, 2010

" I'm past anger and denial, and into cashmere! "

Roller coasters can be fun, when they're the rides at the fair. The adrenaline rush you feel going around high, sharp corners, the anticipation of a deep drop followed by a swift up lift. The wind blows through your hair and you have a brief experience of flying. But when it's the roller coaster of life, and you seem to frequently find your self on the one track that seems to fall forever, it makes me want my money back and complain to my park attendant.
Earlier this evening, I was very politely, sweetly rejected by a man I had found myself a little more than interested in. We had talked, had nice conversations, hung out twice, spoke briefly afterwards, and then today happened. All of this over the course of about a month. Now, although it only happened a few hours ago, I think I've bounced back fairly well. Perhaps it was the tactfulness, and thoughtfulness that went into the letter that softened the blow, or perhaps it's all these years that have made me just that resilient. "I'm past anger and denial and into cashmere." Replace the "cashmere" with four movie rentals and a sweet tooth from hell...
Taking the events of today into consideration along with the rest of life's current events, I have about 90% decided on something. My best friend, whom I was suppose to move in with, has found a place and is moving 50 + miles away sometime in September, I have no boyfriend, I hardly talk to one friend of mine, whom I would still love to hear from,(sent him a text on his birthday, and sent a card to his mom's house, but haven't heard anything) but I'm not nearly as attached to him as I previously felt, and I have a good chunk of money put away. Long story short (too late, I know): I have no big attachments. I'm a single, almost 25 year old, female, with a good amount of money and nothing really tying me to this town. My birthday will be at the end of this month, and that means I have five years left to complete The List. (see blog #2 for THE List)
For years, I have felt a pull to a one Salem, Massachusetts. I am an absolute freak for Halloween, and this is a big part of this pull, but there is something else. Something unexplainable that calls and says, "come home," despite the fact I have never been there. So I have made this decision: move to Salem, as I have wanted to for the past 3 + years. My plan: Save up all paychecks, spending no money until my birthday ( I have plans. lol), live in Salem from Halloween to Halloween, live in India for two months, come back for about three, go to Europe for one, back for two, then back here. It will be my own version of Eat, Pray, Love. (Except that I had this idea long before I had even heard of the book, which I still haven't read, but loved the movie.) It will be the begining of a big step off this hamster wheel.

"When you can't find the light
That guides you through a cloudy day
When the stars ain't shining bright
And it feels like you've lost your way
When those candle light of home
Burn so very far away
Well you got to let your soul shine
Just like my daddy used to say

He used to say the soulshine
It's better than sunshine
It's better than moonshine
Damn sure better than rain
Hey now people don't mind
We all get this way sometimes
Got to let your soul shine
Shine 'til the break of day"
-Soulshine, The Allman Brothers
Written by Warren Haynes

Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo blog


Captin Nar nar. aka: Radar.

Meet Max, a ball python. Cuddliest snake you'll ever meet.

Made cupcakes... summer bordem.

Discovering I was becoming a little picture happy in my last post, I thought it more appropriate to just create a blog of their own. Then again, I could probably just create a flicker account and call it done. lol.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer came like cinnamon, soo sweet...

So far, this summer's been amazing. I've been to Harmony Fest, one day, the last day, pirate fest, and just got back from the last day of our local fair. I've been to an art festival, BBQ and farmer's markets a plenty. (Not to mention frequent late night Denny's stops.) I'v gotten a henna tattoo, amazing pictures (new camera = love... figured it was easier than trying to learn photography in two days..) met awesome people and had amazing times.

Tonight I received a reading, palm/psychic reading from a woman whom I'v always wanted to see, as I pass by her shop every walk to work. I was hesitant at first but decided wtf. I stepped into the tent and behind a white sheer curtain. (the whole experience wasn't as hocus pocus as movies like The Craft and ..well..Hocus Pocus often make it out to be.) Before the reading began, the reader (a woman, super nice and very unintimidating) told me of a couple that had gone to see her after already having seen a very famous, well known psychic. They considered themselves "jipped", as they had paid this psychic $500.00 to have her tell them exactly what this woman told them for only $10 bucks. lol...awesome. When starting the reading, she asked me to come up with three wishes. One to tell her, two to keep to myself. The first one was easy, the other two were not so. I had the hardest time coming up with a third thing to wish for. I chose the first wish to be the one told. She then had me hold out my right palm, face up. She began telling me so many things at once. One being, the most shocking to me, that I had miscarried. ... my first reaction was quite litterly "like hell. I have never been pregnant." She told me the pregnancy had been so new and I was so small and young that I wouldn't have known, wouldn't have felt it. When I thought about the only person it could have possibly been with, my heart sank slightly. But I have to say, I'm much better with it now than I would have been had I known earlier. I loved that man. I still do, to a degree. We'll always be good friends, and apparently have always been. "You've already lived your life with him in past lives. It's time to move on.." se la vi. But like my mom said, "too bad you weren't around to enjoy it." lol Iknowright?! In other relationship news, she informed me that if I got back together with my ex that it would be harder to get of this time. She told me that he's never going to change (I nod knowingly) no matter how much I try or hope. "He doesn't feel that he's doing anything wrong. He feels that you're the bad guy." After nodding again, and laughing, I answered with, "you should see some of the emails he's sent me." "That you haven't done enough to help the relationship. But I can tell by looking, how much you have sacrificed and beaten yourself up trying to make this relationship work." "You're as sweet as they come. You don't deserve this." She mentioned that I had gone back to him a few times. I agreed. She said it was great in the begining, I said it was eh. lol. She mentioned that it would not be good to try and live with him. I found that last part particularly odd being that he had just asked me, litterly last night, if I would move in with him. I mentioned this to her, after she had said it was bad idea, and she told me, "I'm not going to tell you what to do. It's your life. You'll do what you want. But it would stupid." lol Her and everyone else I mentioned it too agreed. " see things in him we don't..." but it won't work. I pretty much knew that already. She told me to put my love life on the back burner for now and focus on enjoying the rest of my year. That I will find love and I will find my "soul mate." "Everyone asks me when!Where, what time. It's not about that. You will find him when your ready." I didn't ask her when, I wasn't going to, but I guess she thought it was best to cut me off at the pass anyway. lol. She also mentioned there were issues I needed to work out with myself to make room for the future. (I don't remember her exact words on this) I asked her what if one of those issues involves the second party that won't talk to me. She said "then put yourself out there as much as possible and move on. As long as you let it go.." (I don't remember what she said after that.) She said, "don't give up on kids. Because I see three." Oddly, I found myself smiling at this. And not only smiling, but smiling rather large, despite how often I have said to many including myself that I don't want children and am not having them. She told me they will be "beautiful, gorgeous" "In what way? Phyically, spiritually?" "Everything. They will be so gorgeous you'll just want to eat them up. And you'll raise them the way they are meant to be raised. You won't spoil them with lavesh things. They will learn to appreciate..that little piece of paper." She said that my health was very good despite the issues I mentioned I had. (Upon entering the tent, I had a random bout of light headedness and told her of my epilepsy... and no there was no incense or scent of any kind floating around)She said I need to focus on living my life my way. "I just have figure out what way 'my way' is." She metioned that I would have a very long and full filling life, and ended on the note that I would move out when I was ready. I told her, I've been "ready" for several years. Right now it's just a money thing. "It'll happen." I know some people don't believe in this stuff, but I'v had readings before and more often than not have they come true. For me? Best 10 bucks I ever spent. lol.

The rest of the fair was nice, but short lived. I was with my best friend, her young niece and her cousin, whose kinda cute and I'm kinda crushin'. (We had all been working the fair directing traffic all night, and they were super tired. I had only been there since about 5:45pm, but they had been there since at least 12pm, some 6am. Including the youngen. )BFF tried to get her cuz to hold my hand when informing him that she held her niece's so she wouldn't lose her and followed her comment with a not so subtle "HINT HINT WINK WINK NUDGE NUUDGE!" He just laughed and said, "I don't hold hands." His hands firmly placed in each pant pocket. It just made me laugh.

Now, with all this rambling commenced, I leave you with the evidence of the magic that has so far summer: ( I don't know how this all works, so the pics show up at the top instead of here. But hope their enjoyed regarless. : ) ...maybe somebody could help me figure this out. :P

Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer! Thank you GODDESS!!

Before I say anything else, I just want to get this off my chest and out of the way. To the only person that did read this blog: I hate how much I miss you. "Stop by" and say hi once in awhile. I'm harmless, I promise.

In other news:
I am Soooo glad that summer is on it's way. I am going to Harmony Fest, and digging my old camera out of the dust and seeing if I can get some awesome pics for this summer. And today my niece is 13 and select members of the family are having mini heartattacks all across the world. I'll write more, when I have more to say. Off to breakfast and work, and looking forward to a free memorial day.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Say What You Need to Say..."

Taking John Mayer's words to heart, I'm taking a plunge. I large one, for me. I just hope it gets a good response, but like he says "better to say too much, than never to say what you need to say..." Thank you, John. To all those concered, pray for me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So tired...

This blog has not turned out the way I had intended, but do these things ever really? When the "inspiration" arises, I use it mainly to vent in some form or another. This is one of those times. I'm not angrey though, just tired through all it's multiple definitions. I feel sick, I have horrible sleep patterens (spending most of my days sleeping), I miss talking to Clayton, mainly the way we used to, I have a short fuse with my cats, I'v barely gotten any homework done this semester and have to re-mail my mid-term, and tomarrow I have a family event to attend where someone will ask how I'v been and how work's going, and I'll answer honestly, and politely at which point I will probably hear my step father scoff again, assuming that I'm lying to all these people. On the up side, friend of mine will be taking me to a show of her's and I'll get to hang out with her and everyone for at least the night, maybe into saturday. Getting out of here will definetly help. The improv show I'll be going to is awsome, so are the people and it's a largely welcome distraction. Now to get this pain in my chest to go away.... :P Come summer, these posts are going to be A LOT happier.

BBQ, banana splits

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


No body, you or I personally know, reads this except for you. No one knows about it. And the ones who know about it, I never gave an address to.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wow... I'm actually doing this. By this time tomarrow, I will be on my way to the airport, SFO, and on to a Red Eye flight. First time ever I will have flown alone. Just me, music, and my journal, and 4 and a half hours. I can only imagine, I'll be sitting by the window looking out at the dark sky, day dreaming about everything and it's mother, and sitting next to the one person on the plane that desires to tell me their entire life story. (If I had been able to record all the stories that have been told to me by lonely passers-by on all my mundane trips and simple moments of happen-stance, I would have one of the most facinating books ever recorded.)

This past week has been ridiculous in the worst kind of ways, and I think I am more relieved for this trip than I am nervous. For one week and two days, I get to leave all my stresses behind. I didn't get to see "DB" (see previous blog) on Monday, but I just heard from him litterely 10 minutes ago, and I'll be seeing him tomarrow.

Monday, March 8, 2010

5 Days...

It's coming. .. I leave for Atlanta in 5 days. My cousin's taking me to the airport for an 11:59pm flight. Because it would just be too weird to put it one minute later. I've been packing a lot into this week: grocery shopping, last minute clothes, a dance club in SF with a couple friends (I fucking cage danced, people!) But tomarrow is the day I'm the happiest for, and the most anxious for (besides the flight...never flown alone.) I'm seeing a friend tomarrow; an important friend. (I should really give him a name...) Being that he's the one I bought the drums for, we'll just call him "Drummer Boy." (cliche I know) I'm anxious to see him, and talk to him; see his reaction. I text him the other day to see how he was and see if we could get together before I leave. He said yes, and said Monday. When I told him I was considering a move to ATL, he said he'd never been there so couldn't really say much about it. That's fine and everything, but to be honest, I was hoping for some kind of notion that he might miss me, even just a bit. We've been friends for at least 8 years, I miss him whenever I don't see him (which is often, he's busy a lot) and he's always been there when I need him. I like to entertain the thought that he'd miss me if I move. I would definetly miss him. As for tomarrow (technically today in about 11 1/2 hours), I just hope I get a huge smile, a big hug, and a good hour (for him and I) with him.

Off to laundry, bed and whatever cool word you can think of to mean "getting rid of all this freaking anxiety."

Saturday, February 27, 2010

When exactly do old men grow up??

In an attempt to keep a promise, resolution of sorts, to myself, I have decided to force myself to sit down and write a new blog. A lot of things have happened since my last post, and thought it was time I updated.
Let's start with the explosion of about 4 nights ago (warning: I am mostly venting here and will therefore, undoubtably be cursing like a sailor. If you find yourself offended,...can't say you weren't warned.)
On Feb. 23rd, I sat down at the computer to write a letter of birthday wishes to a friend of mine. I get as far as "Hey :)" when my mother's husband, walks in and begins to tell me about how he "came across" (went through my files) a paper I wrote for a Child Development class last semeseter. The paper was about how the people in my household and family deal with our family stresses and our individual stresses. He proceed to attack me saying bullshit like "you should be ashamed of yourself." and "you're so fucking lazy!" My chin is on the floor by this time, and I haven't had a chance to say anything. When I'm finally able to speak, I attempt to explain to him that no one saw the paper except for me and the teacher and that everything was confidental. He gives this look and response of "yeah right!". He then starts throwing unrealted pieces of information in my face and referes to a friend of mine as my "imaginary boyfriend." < offical point of when I went off on him. I told him if he ever spoke that way about that person ever again I would punch him in the face. "He is a FRIEND of mine! And yes, I care deeper for him than he does for me, but am not an idoit!" My defense, which he did not allow himself to hear (he refuses to hear anything to contrary of him being correct):
Lazy?? You do not get A's in both classes from being "fucking lazy" and you do not get a paycheck every two weeks for being "fucking lazy" or having a fake job...(he has told me numerous times to get a "real job". I have a part time job and have talked to them at least 3 times about more hours. They can't help me in that department. Another thing he thinks I'm pulling out of my ass. I am so fucking tired of his petty, 10 year old bullshit. (And calling him 10, is being generous.) The look of shear contentment, spite, and absolute saticfaction on his face just last night when he knew he was interupting me from completing my homework, was enough to make me choke a bitch. i.e.: HIM!
I know I'm not lazy, or ungrateful and I am certainly not ashamed of anything I said in that paper. It was all fact. If he dosen't like that fact he was described per batem, than he needs to change it. It is NOT my responsiblity to lie about it. (he actually told me I should have made something up.) I admit that I'm no angel, but I'm also no where near as bad as he seems to enjoy thinking. I am beyond exhausted having to constantly defend myself. I shouldn't have to. But on the up side, Mom's finally starting to see this too. And to close: He can fucking burn in hell.
Onward..."exaunt, florish"

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Money and Spice, and everything nice.

"Did you see stars, and stripes, and fireworks?"-"Kitty" "That must be what's it's like when republicans orgasm." -"Nora" Brothers & Sisters (Random quote for today. ... ok so I just wanted to write it down before I forgot and was too lazy to get paper)

Following is a previous journal entry from 1/30/10.

I am so freakin excited. I finally received my check in the mail yesterday. (Financial aid) I'm finally able to get my friends drums for him! Annndd... my ticket to Atlanta for Spring Break, to see Clayton (I'll explain later...)
I've been saving for these drums since at least the last week of December. 3 paychecks and a some financial aid later and I'm golden! They're a late xmas gift, but I've been wanting to do this for at least the past year and decided to save up for a really nice set instead of settling for some $200 something 5 piece by a brand that few have heard of, if any. A 5 piece, Red Wine, chrome finish, PEARL brand drum set complete with drum sticks, throne, and cymbals. AND brand new, I might add. Merry Christmas, beautiful.

This year is actually going fairly well for me, (especially if you include September through December of '09 as part of it: my two classes? Both A's! (if you knew my track record, you would know this is a big deal for me) And getting my nose pierced in November.) And I'm super excited to be able to do all the things I've been wanting to. (and relieved..) I'm ready for Atlanta NOW! This house is driving me crazy on more levels than I care to count, and my whole life could use a serious helping of release (stress release) with a big spoonful of jazz and spice. (Not to mention, a nice side of love and affection thank you very much) It is no longer getting sad over here. It has arrived, stepped off the train and moved in. Just to give you an idea, here's a typical work day for me:

Get up two hours before I have to be to work (takes me just under an hour to walk there)

Check my e-mail
Go to the bathroom
Get breakfast, lingering around the kitchen listening to ALICE while waiting for it to cook
eat it
get dressed
Leave and walk to work
Always arriving a few minutes early, I kill time by litterly sitting in our closet of an office
Work for about 4 or 5 hours, usually being let off early due to slow days
Get picked up, come home, change, relax until dinner, eat, and veg on the computer or in front of the tv until I'm tired enough to go to bed.

This is at least 85% of my days. The other 15% (days off) is spent sleeping, working out as of late, doing random things like this, or watching tv. (although most of the time, it's just background noise)

My mom's idea of excitement is watching whatever hit tv show is on on the particular night. Tonight was Ghost Whisperer and Medium. Now, yes, my mother is 63 and I do enjoy those shows as well, but let's face it: I'm going out of mind here, and I KNOW there has to be something more exciting to do at 8:00 at night than watch tv, especially on a Friday.
This trip to see Clayton is a much needed vacation, and I'm going to relish in every moment of it, especially the human interaction. (I spend waay too much time with my mother.... can you hear my screams?) So here's to good food, good friends, and a good year.

The List...*dramatic music plays in the background

For your viewing pleasure, I give you THE List:

1. Get kissed in the rain

2. Road trip across the united states

3. Spend the week of Halloween/Samhain in Salem,MA with at least 4 or5 friends.

4. Get my nose pierced (Achieved November 6th, 2009, roughly 12:30pm. My friend came, a very important friend I wish I could get more time with. It meant a lot having him there. )

5. Get at least two tattoos: wings and a rose or two.

6. Dance naked under a full moon

7. Go to an exotic dance club in Europe, and dance.

8. Go to Europe (specifically London and Wales, the Amsterdamn, Germany, Italy(Rome) Greece (Delphie), and France)

9. Visit at least 2 or 3 cities in every state in the US, plus 4 or 5 in every country in the UK.

10. Learn to play piano and guitar

11. Learn to surf

12. Snowboard

13. Hold a snake

14. Skinny dip in a lake

15. Write a full and complete song

16. Record the song

17. Perform it on stage at least once with at least one other person or 2. (This is kind of a big one for me. I have the worst possible case of stage fright, that I know of. I freeze if a mic is shoved in my face or anyone just comes up to me and says "sing!" Even if my audience is one person large.)

18. Water ski

19. Hang glide

20. Learn enough Italian to get by and then stay with relatives Italy.

21. Learn to striptease

22. Learn to sing better

23. At least start learning how to become a record producer/engineer (currently saving up money to attend recording school)

24. Swim under a water fall

25. Ride in a hot air balloon

26. Dance in the rain

27. Have a real margarita (been there, done that, many times, topless....props to those who got that. I can never finish a whole one, though. Too much alcohol for me.)

28. Play one round of slots at a casino

29. Have a water balloon fight in winter

30. Go to Disneyland again, I haven't been since I was six! And go on every ride. (I have since been to Disneyland again and went on almost every ride minus one or two. One because it was basically the same ride just with a boat instead of train and the other was closed by the time we got to it. The new goal: Go back, do every ride again, and this time, see California Adventure)

31. Go to Niagra Falls

32. Eat Sushi (Achieved sometime in 2007 maybe..a friend of a now ex boyfriend took said ex and I to a Japanese restaurant and was very helpful. (He'd been there a few times) Helped me figure out what I was reading and what to order. I can now proudly say, I love Sushi. :) Thank you, Aaron. )

33. Become an expert at Dragon Ball Z video game. (personal story, kinda long...)

34. Memorize the meanings (divination meanings) of all the playing cards.

35. Play strip poker

36. Scuba dive

37. Stay in the Caribbean for at least two weeks

38. Find somewhere to make snow angels, make 'em.

39. Kiss a complete stranger (Achieved: once to a nice fatherly french guy, and at least 12 different times in one night to 12 different people (men and women, and one girl who just licked the side of my face like a dog) on new year's eve 2006..I think. Thank yooou, spin-the-bottle. Said with a touch of sarcasm.)

40. Hug a complete stranger (done this, loads of times...)

41. Become an expert on hawks and falcons (I love these birds... they are the perfect express of freedom)

42. Own a Merlin Hawk as a pet (something to likely happen when I'm retired..)

43. Meet someone famous (see previous blog)

44. Learn to skate board

45. Go to the annual Hippie Fest

46. Document everything in photographs and video

47. Make sure to be in the photographs and video

48. Write a book of all my adventures

49. Do something important for the world

50. Travel to India

51. Do NONE of this alone, except for 50 and maybe 6, lol.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let's Try This Again....

In venturing on this new endeavor of mine, I posted on one of the many "social networking sites," that I was looking for creative titles. My sister, being the experienced blogger that she is, sent me some great suggestions and gave me an idea, which I'll express in a moment. Her suggestions were as follows: "Stick with a theme if you want lots of traffic, include prodigious amounts of graphics/pictures, and do a google search to see who/what kind of blogs are already doing the same thing. Try to make yours different!" Thinking about these suggestions, I came up with this: ither my travels (mainly the ones I want to have, being that I haven't had many) or THE List. Ya know, that ultimate List, of all the things you want to accomplish before you keal. Or, as it's affectionately referred, The Bucket List. I created such a list when I was 19 or 20. There are about 44 items on the list and I have completed about 4 and a half*. Of course, this list isn't so much a "bucket list" as it is, "before I'm 30" list. So that being said, and being that I'm 24, I'm a little concerned. .......

Alright, it's settled: This will be my "List" blog. Anything and everything that I achieve or half achieve, by accident or intention. The list follows, with a few edits for personal reasons. I'll attempt to post pictures, but until I get a better camera, it may be awhile.

*Meet someone famous: I was less than 5 feet from Zac Hanson's hip (I was walking next to him...get your mind out of the gutter...for shame) for at least 5 minutes. I looked up, noticed he was there, thought silently to myself, "huh...omg, omg, omg." and then proceeded to look down at my feet the entire time. Swing and a miss! Besides the fact he was talking to someone behind me and I didn't want to interrupt, I have no balls when it comes to things like that, and I couldn't think of anything to say anyway.

Aand it starts...

I finally decided to do it: start a blog. Recording all the mundane, all the exciting, and any and all that I see relevant. I'm not always consistent with this sort of thing, but I'm hoping, that since it's here rather than paper, that I may be more so. (I spend more time here than I'd like to admit, anyway. ) In these blogs you will here rants and raves, random ramblings, and the occasional poetic ones. I can't imagine that it would be so interesting as to attract followers, other than maybe a few family members, but should I attract a few, I say welcome. Leave a comment, say hello, tell me what you had for breakfast. I love meeting all kinds of people, and am open to all comments. Hey, maybe this will become fascinating enough, I could turn it into a book some day. Ya never know. Box o chocolates, and all that.

Peace, love and dancing hamsters.

"How could we be out of dancing hamsters?! They're the key to our success!!" -Brothers & Sisters.