Sunday, January 31, 2010

Money and Spice, and everything nice.

"Did you see stars, and stripes, and fireworks?"-"Kitty" "That must be what's it's like when republicans orgasm." -"Nora" Brothers & Sisters (Random quote for today. ... ok so I just wanted to write it down before I forgot and was too lazy to get paper)

Following is a previous journal entry from 1/30/10.

I am so freakin excited. I finally received my check in the mail yesterday. (Financial aid) I'm finally able to get my friends drums for him! Annndd... my ticket to Atlanta for Spring Break, to see Clayton (I'll explain later...)
I've been saving for these drums since at least the last week of December. 3 paychecks and a some financial aid later and I'm golden! They're a late xmas gift, but I've been wanting to do this for at least the past year and decided to save up for a really nice set instead of settling for some $200 something 5 piece by a brand that few have heard of, if any. A 5 piece, Red Wine, chrome finish, PEARL brand drum set complete with drum sticks, throne, and cymbals. AND brand new, I might add. Merry Christmas, beautiful.

This year is actually going fairly well for me, (especially if you include September through December of '09 as part of it: my two classes? Both A's! (if you knew my track record, you would know this is a big deal for me) And getting my nose pierced in November.) And I'm super excited to be able to do all the things I've been wanting to. (and relieved..) I'm ready for Atlanta NOW! This house is driving me crazy on more levels than I care to count, and my whole life could use a serious helping of release (stress release) with a big spoonful of jazz and spice. (Not to mention, a nice side of love and affection thank you very much) It is no longer getting sad over here. It has arrived, stepped off the train and moved in. Just to give you an idea, here's a typical work day for me:

Get up two hours before I have to be to work (takes me just under an hour to walk there)

Check my e-mail
Go to the bathroom
Get breakfast, lingering around the kitchen listening to ALICE while waiting for it to cook
eat it
get dressed
Leave and walk to work
Always arriving a few minutes early, I kill time by litterly sitting in our closet of an office
Work for about 4 or 5 hours, usually being let off early due to slow days
Get picked up, come home, change, relax until dinner, eat, and veg on the computer or in front of the tv until I'm tired enough to go to bed.

This is at least 85% of my days. The other 15% (days off) is spent sleeping, working out as of late, doing random things like this, or watching tv. (although most of the time, it's just background noise)

My mom's idea of excitement is watching whatever hit tv show is on on the particular night. Tonight was Ghost Whisperer and Medium. Now, yes, my mother is 63 and I do enjoy those shows as well, but let's face it: I'm going out of mind here, and I KNOW there has to be something more exciting to do at 8:00 at night than watch tv, especially on a Friday.
This trip to see Clayton is a much needed vacation, and I'm going to relish in every moment of it, especially the human interaction. (I spend waay too much time with my mother.... can you hear my screams?) So here's to good food, good friends, and a good year.

The List...*dramatic music plays in the background

For your viewing pleasure, I give you THE List:

1. Get kissed in the rain

2. Road trip across the united states

3. Spend the week of Halloween/Samhain in Salem,MA with at least 4 or5 friends.

4. Get my nose pierced (Achieved November 6th, 2009, roughly 12:30pm. My friend came, a very important friend I wish I could get more time with. It meant a lot having him there. )

5. Get at least two tattoos: wings and a rose or two.

6. Dance naked under a full moon

7. Go to an exotic dance club in Europe, and dance.

8. Go to Europe (specifically London and Wales, the Amsterdamn, Germany, Italy(Rome) Greece (Delphie), and France)

9. Visit at least 2 or 3 cities in every state in the US, plus 4 or 5 in every country in the UK.

10. Learn to play piano and guitar

11. Learn to surf

12. Snowboard

13. Hold a snake

14. Skinny dip in a lake

15. Write a full and complete song

16. Record the song

17. Perform it on stage at least once with at least one other person or 2. (This is kind of a big one for me. I have the worst possible case of stage fright, that I know of. I freeze if a mic is shoved in my face or anyone just comes up to me and says "sing!" Even if my audience is one person large.)

18. Water ski

19. Hang glide

20. Learn enough Italian to get by and then stay with relatives Italy.

21. Learn to striptease

22. Learn to sing better

23. At least start learning how to become a record producer/engineer (currently saving up money to attend recording school)

24. Swim under a water fall

25. Ride in a hot air balloon

26. Dance in the rain

27. Have a real margarita (been there, done that, many times, topless....props to those who got that. I can never finish a whole one, though. Too much alcohol for me.)

28. Play one round of slots at a casino

29. Have a water balloon fight in winter

30. Go to Disneyland again, I haven't been since I was six! And go on every ride. (I have since been to Disneyland again and went on almost every ride minus one or two. One because it was basically the same ride just with a boat instead of train and the other was closed by the time we got to it. The new goal: Go back, do every ride again, and this time, see California Adventure)

31. Go to Niagra Falls

32. Eat Sushi (Achieved sometime in 2007 maybe..a friend of a now ex boyfriend took said ex and I to a Japanese restaurant and was very helpful. (He'd been there a few times) Helped me figure out what I was reading and what to order. I can now proudly say, I love Sushi. :) Thank you, Aaron. )

33. Become an expert at Dragon Ball Z video game. (personal story, kinda long...)

34. Memorize the meanings (divination meanings) of all the playing cards.

35. Play strip poker

36. Scuba dive

37. Stay in the Caribbean for at least two weeks

38. Find somewhere to make snow angels, make 'em.

39. Kiss a complete stranger (Achieved: once to a nice fatherly french guy, and at least 12 different times in one night to 12 different people (men and women, and one girl who just licked the side of my face like a dog) on new year's eve 2006..I think. Thank yooou, spin-the-bottle. Said with a touch of sarcasm.)

40. Hug a complete stranger (done this, loads of times...)

41. Become an expert on hawks and falcons (I love these birds... they are the perfect express of freedom)

42. Own a Merlin Hawk as a pet (something to likely happen when I'm retired..)

43. Meet someone famous (see previous blog)

44. Learn to skate board

45. Go to the annual Hippie Fest

46. Document everything in photographs and video

47. Make sure to be in the photographs and video

48. Write a book of all my adventures

49. Do something important for the world

50. Travel to India

51. Do NONE of this alone, except for 50 and maybe 6, lol.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let's Try This Again....

In venturing on this new endeavor of mine, I posted on one of the many "social networking sites," that I was looking for creative titles. My sister, being the experienced blogger that she is, sent me some great suggestions and gave me an idea, which I'll express in a moment. Her suggestions were as follows: "Stick with a theme if you want lots of traffic, include prodigious amounts of graphics/pictures, and do a google search to see who/what kind of blogs are already doing the same thing. Try to make yours different!" Thinking about these suggestions, I came up with this: ither my travels (mainly the ones I want to have, being that I haven't had many) or THE List. Ya know, that ultimate List, of all the things you want to accomplish before you keal. Or, as it's affectionately referred, The Bucket List. I created such a list when I was 19 or 20. There are about 44 items on the list and I have completed about 4 and a half*. Of course, this list isn't so much a "bucket list" as it is, "before I'm 30" list. So that being said, and being that I'm 24, I'm a little concerned. .......

Alright, it's settled: This will be my "List" blog. Anything and everything that I achieve or half achieve, by accident or intention. The list follows, with a few edits for personal reasons. I'll attempt to post pictures, but until I get a better camera, it may be awhile.

*Meet someone famous: I was less than 5 feet from Zac Hanson's hip (I was walking next to him...get your mind out of the gutter...for shame) for at least 5 minutes. I looked up, noticed he was there, thought silently to myself, "huh...omg, omg, omg." and then proceeded to look down at my feet the entire time. Swing and a miss! Besides the fact he was talking to someone behind me and I didn't want to interrupt, I have no balls when it comes to things like that, and I couldn't think of anything to say anyway.

Aand it starts...

I finally decided to do it: start a blog. Recording all the mundane, all the exciting, and any and all that I see relevant. I'm not always consistent with this sort of thing, but I'm hoping, that since it's here rather than paper, that I may be more so. (I spend more time here than I'd like to admit, anyway. ) In these blogs you will here rants and raves, random ramblings, and the occasional poetic ones. I can't imagine that it would be so interesting as to attract followers, other than maybe a few family members, but should I attract a few, I say welcome. Leave a comment, say hello, tell me what you had for breakfast. I love meeting all kinds of people, and am open to all comments. Hey, maybe this will become fascinating enough, I could turn it into a book some day. Ya never know. Box o chocolates, and all that.

Peace, love and dancing hamsters.

"How could we be out of dancing hamsters?! They're the key to our success!!" -Brothers & Sisters.