Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let's Try This Again....

In venturing on this new endeavor of mine, I posted on one of the many "social networking sites," that I was looking for creative titles. My sister, being the experienced blogger that she is, sent me some great suggestions and gave me an idea, which I'll express in a moment. Her suggestions were as follows: "Stick with a theme if you want lots of traffic, include prodigious amounts of graphics/pictures, and do a google search to see who/what kind of blogs are already doing the same thing. Try to make yours different!" Thinking about these suggestions, I came up with this: ither my travels (mainly the ones I want to have, being that I haven't had many) or THE List. Ya know, that ultimate List, of all the things you want to accomplish before you keal. Or, as it's affectionately referred, The Bucket List. I created such a list when I was 19 or 20. There are about 44 items on the list and I have completed about 4 and a half*. Of course, this list isn't so much a "bucket list" as it is, "before I'm 30" list. So that being said, and being that I'm 24, I'm a little concerned. .......

Alright, it's settled: This will be my "List" blog. Anything and everything that I achieve or half achieve, by accident or intention. The list follows, with a few edits for personal reasons. I'll attempt to post pictures, but until I get a better camera, it may be awhile.

*Meet someone famous: I was less than 5 feet from Zac Hanson's hip (I was walking next to him...get your mind out of the gutter...for shame) for at least 5 minutes. I looked up, noticed he was there, thought silently to myself, "huh...omg, omg, omg." and then proceeded to look down at my feet the entire time. Swing and a miss! Besides the fact he was talking to someone behind me and I didn't want to interrupt, I have no balls when it comes to things like that, and I couldn't think of anything to say anyway.

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