Sunday, January 31, 2010

Money and Spice, and everything nice.

"Did you see stars, and stripes, and fireworks?"-"Kitty" "That must be what's it's like when republicans orgasm." -"Nora" Brothers & Sisters (Random quote for today. ... ok so I just wanted to write it down before I forgot and was too lazy to get paper)

Following is a previous journal entry from 1/30/10.

I am so freakin excited. I finally received my check in the mail yesterday. (Financial aid) I'm finally able to get my friends drums for him! Annndd... my ticket to Atlanta for Spring Break, to see Clayton (I'll explain later...)
I've been saving for these drums since at least the last week of December. 3 paychecks and a some financial aid later and I'm golden! They're a late xmas gift, but I've been wanting to do this for at least the past year and decided to save up for a really nice set instead of settling for some $200 something 5 piece by a brand that few have heard of, if any. A 5 piece, Red Wine, chrome finish, PEARL brand drum set complete with drum sticks, throne, and cymbals. AND brand new, I might add. Merry Christmas, beautiful.

This year is actually going fairly well for me, (especially if you include September through December of '09 as part of it: my two classes? Both A's! (if you knew my track record, you would know this is a big deal for me) And getting my nose pierced in November.) And I'm super excited to be able to do all the things I've been wanting to. (and relieved..) I'm ready for Atlanta NOW! This house is driving me crazy on more levels than I care to count, and my whole life could use a serious helping of release (stress release) with a big spoonful of jazz and spice. (Not to mention, a nice side of love and affection thank you very much) It is no longer getting sad over here. It has arrived, stepped off the train and moved in. Just to give you an idea, here's a typical work day for me:

Get up two hours before I have to be to work (takes me just under an hour to walk there)

Check my e-mail
Go to the bathroom
Get breakfast, lingering around the kitchen listening to ALICE while waiting for it to cook
eat it
get dressed
Leave and walk to work
Always arriving a few minutes early, I kill time by litterly sitting in our closet of an office
Work for about 4 or 5 hours, usually being let off early due to slow days
Get picked up, come home, change, relax until dinner, eat, and veg on the computer or in front of the tv until I'm tired enough to go to bed.

This is at least 85% of my days. The other 15% (days off) is spent sleeping, working out as of late, doing random things like this, or watching tv. (although most of the time, it's just background noise)

My mom's idea of excitement is watching whatever hit tv show is on on the particular night. Tonight was Ghost Whisperer and Medium. Now, yes, my mother is 63 and I do enjoy those shows as well, but let's face it: I'm going out of mind here, and I KNOW there has to be something more exciting to do at 8:00 at night than watch tv, especially on a Friday.
This trip to see Clayton is a much needed vacation, and I'm going to relish in every moment of it, especially the human interaction. (I spend waay too much time with my mother.... can you hear my screams?) So here's to good food, good friends, and a good year.

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