Wednesday, March 31, 2010


No body, you or I personally know, reads this except for you. No one knows about it. And the ones who know about it, I never gave an address to.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wow... I'm actually doing this. By this time tomarrow, I will be on my way to the airport, SFO, and on to a Red Eye flight. First time ever I will have flown alone. Just me, music, and my journal, and 4 and a half hours. I can only imagine, I'll be sitting by the window looking out at the dark sky, day dreaming about everything and it's mother, and sitting next to the one person on the plane that desires to tell me their entire life story. (If I had been able to record all the stories that have been told to me by lonely passers-by on all my mundane trips and simple moments of happen-stance, I would have one of the most facinating books ever recorded.)

This past week has been ridiculous in the worst kind of ways, and I think I am more relieved for this trip than I am nervous. For one week and two days, I get to leave all my stresses behind. I didn't get to see "DB" (see previous blog) on Monday, but I just heard from him litterely 10 minutes ago, and I'll be seeing him tomarrow.

Monday, March 8, 2010

5 Days...

It's coming. .. I leave for Atlanta in 5 days. My cousin's taking me to the airport for an 11:59pm flight. Because it would just be too weird to put it one minute later. I've been packing a lot into this week: grocery shopping, last minute clothes, a dance club in SF with a couple friends (I fucking cage danced, people!) But tomarrow is the day I'm the happiest for, and the most anxious for (besides the flight...never flown alone.) I'm seeing a friend tomarrow; an important friend. (I should really give him a name...) Being that he's the one I bought the drums for, we'll just call him "Drummer Boy." (cliche I know) I'm anxious to see him, and talk to him; see his reaction. I text him the other day to see how he was and see if we could get together before I leave. He said yes, and said Monday. When I told him I was considering a move to ATL, he said he'd never been there so couldn't really say much about it. That's fine and everything, but to be honest, I was hoping for some kind of notion that he might miss me, even just a bit. We've been friends for at least 8 years, I miss him whenever I don't see him (which is often, he's busy a lot) and he's always been there when I need him. I like to entertain the thought that he'd miss me if I move. I would definetly miss him. As for tomarrow (technically today in about 11 1/2 hours), I just hope I get a huge smile, a big hug, and a good hour (for him and I) with him.

Off to laundry, bed and whatever cool word you can think of to mean "getting rid of all this freaking anxiety."