Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer came like cinnamon, soo sweet...

So far, this summer's been amazing. I've been to Harmony Fest, one day, the last day, pirate fest, and just got back from the last day of our local fair. I've been to an art festival, BBQ and farmer's markets a plenty. (Not to mention frequent late night Denny's stops.) I'v gotten a henna tattoo, amazing pictures (new camera = love... figured it was easier than trying to learn photography in two days..) met awesome people and had amazing times.

Tonight I received a reading, palm/psychic reading from a woman whom I'v always wanted to see, as I pass by her shop every walk to work. I was hesitant at first but decided wtf. I stepped into the tent and behind a white sheer curtain. (the whole experience wasn't as hocus pocus as movies like The Craft and ..well..Hocus Pocus often make it out to be.) Before the reading began, the reader (a woman, super nice and very unintimidating) told me of a couple that had gone to see her after already having seen a very famous, well known psychic. They considered themselves "jipped", as they had paid this psychic $500.00 to have her tell them exactly what this woman told them for only $10 bucks. lol...awesome. When starting the reading, she asked me to come up with three wishes. One to tell her, two to keep to myself. The first one was easy, the other two were not so. I had the hardest time coming up with a third thing to wish for. I chose the first wish to be the one told. She then had me hold out my right palm, face up. She began telling me so many things at once. One being, the most shocking to me, that I had miscarried. ... my first reaction was quite litterly "like hell. I have never been pregnant." She told me the pregnancy had been so new and I was so small and young that I wouldn't have known, wouldn't have felt it. When I thought about the only person it could have possibly been with, my heart sank slightly. But I have to say, I'm much better with it now than I would have been had I known earlier. I loved that man. I still do, to a degree. We'll always be good friends, and apparently have always been. "You've already lived your life with him in past lives. It's time to move on.." se la vi. But like my mom said, "too bad you weren't around to enjoy it." lol Iknowright?! In other relationship news, she informed me that if I got back together with my ex that it would be harder to get of this time. She told me that he's never going to change (I nod knowingly) no matter how much I try or hope. "He doesn't feel that he's doing anything wrong. He feels that you're the bad guy." After nodding again, and laughing, I answered with, "you should see some of the emails he's sent me." "That you haven't done enough to help the relationship. But I can tell by looking, how much you have sacrificed and beaten yourself up trying to make this relationship work." "You're as sweet as they come. You don't deserve this." She mentioned that I had gone back to him a few times. I agreed. She said it was great in the begining, I said it was eh. lol. She mentioned that it would not be good to try and live with him. I found that last part particularly odd being that he had just asked me, litterly last night, if I would move in with him. I mentioned this to her, after she had said it was bad idea, and she told me, "I'm not going to tell you what to do. It's your life. You'll do what you want. But it would stupid." lol Her and everyone else I mentioned it too agreed. " see things in him we don't..." but it won't work. I pretty much knew that already. She told me to put my love life on the back burner for now and focus on enjoying the rest of my year. That I will find love and I will find my "soul mate." "Everyone asks me when!Where, what time. It's not about that. You will find him when your ready." I didn't ask her when, I wasn't going to, but I guess she thought it was best to cut me off at the pass anyway. lol. She also mentioned there were issues I needed to work out with myself to make room for the future. (I don't remember her exact words on this) I asked her what if one of those issues involves the second party that won't talk to me. She said "then put yourself out there as much as possible and move on. As long as you let it go.." (I don't remember what she said after that.) She said, "don't give up on kids. Because I see three." Oddly, I found myself smiling at this. And not only smiling, but smiling rather large, despite how often I have said to many including myself that I don't want children and am not having them. She told me they will be "beautiful, gorgeous" "In what way? Phyically, spiritually?" "Everything. They will be so gorgeous you'll just want to eat them up. And you'll raise them the way they are meant to be raised. You won't spoil them with lavesh things. They will learn to appreciate..that little piece of paper." She said that my health was very good despite the issues I mentioned I had. (Upon entering the tent, I had a random bout of light headedness and told her of my epilepsy... and no there was no incense or scent of any kind floating around)She said I need to focus on living my life my way. "I just have figure out what way 'my way' is." She metioned that I would have a very long and full filling life, and ended on the note that I would move out when I was ready. I told her, I've been "ready" for several years. Right now it's just a money thing. "It'll happen." I know some people don't believe in this stuff, but I'v had readings before and more often than not have they come true. For me? Best 10 bucks I ever spent. lol.

The rest of the fair was nice, but short lived. I was with my best friend, her young niece and her cousin, whose kinda cute and I'm kinda crushin'. (We had all been working the fair directing traffic all night, and they were super tired. I had only been there since about 5:45pm, but they had been there since at least 12pm, some 6am. Including the youngen. )BFF tried to get her cuz to hold my hand when informing him that she held her niece's so she wouldn't lose her and followed her comment with a not so subtle "HINT HINT WINK WINK NUDGE NUUDGE!" He just laughed and said, "I don't hold hands." His hands firmly placed in each pant pocket. It just made me laugh.

Now, with all this rambling commenced, I leave you with the evidence of the magic that has so far summer: ( I don't know how this all works, so the pics show up at the top instead of here. But hope their enjoyed regarless. : ) ...maybe somebody could help me figure this out. :P

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