Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Original title: "#23 (original list): Start learning to become a record producer/engineer", started 1/27/11

So, apparently I thought I added this to my new list, but turns out I didn't. So, we'll just pretend and call this number ...51 ..ish of new list.

I was watching Julie & Julia tonight, and listening to Julie's narrative of her own blog, I felt inspired to write. However, as I sit here, I find myself struggling to find all the words, or rather, compose all the words in a manner that would make sense to all those people OUTSIDE my head.

American Idol plays in the background, a cat licks it's butt on ither side of me, and I think too much. I think too much for my own good.

New day: 2/1/2011

The above blog piece was written on one of my, ...shall we call it... funky days? Anyway, being that it is a new day, and at least 4 days and 9 and half hours have passed between, I'm in a much healthier, livelier mood.
Now, let's play a rousing game of "Good news, Bad news," shall we??
First Bad news: I had gotten all excited and tried to sign up for my first Music Production class here at my local college. The first day was exhilarating to watch and listen to, even if it was from the very front of the room. (Including myself, there were 17 other students trying to get into the class, in which there was no extra room to sit.) So, here's the worst part: yesterday, the teacher drew a random lottery to see who of us would make it into the class. I felt like I was on one of those competition shows, and it was elimination night. He literally had us put our names on pieces of paper, borrowed a student's hat, and picked four names. As I'm sure you've guessed by now, I did not win that prize. : P
Now the good news: (in three parts, no less :D ) First: Since the class was on a Monday, and V-day is on a Monday, I'll now have more time with my S.O. (significant other, for those who didn't catch that...). Second: my Monday afternoons will be free so I'll be able to devote more time to my only other class. And third: they give this class every semester, so I'll just try again then. I was hoping to not have any school in the summer, (my FAVORITE season), but if I do, it will be my only class. Just as long as it's not on a Friday..

Bad news 2: Ex is still calling and texting. I don't respond to a single one, and have simply deleted every email I'v received since August. You'd think after half a YEAR, a person would get the hit. Not this guy. Apparently he has the super power of "OBLIVION" ! Da dada da DA!
The good news: two parts: One: he informed me he's moving out of state, (Thank You, Goddess) and two: his text last night said "Goodbye..." which I'm really hoping means this is his last message to me.

So, in conclusion: despite that little step backwards from my career direction, I'm feeling really good. (And the twelve plus hours of sleep I got after arriving home yesterday, certainly didn't hurt ither.) I spent a wonderful evening and following morning with my S.O. and we have plans for lunch on V-day. He's super excited about being able to record pieces of an album with this band, after taking, what sounds like, an unplanned hyades. (really don't think I spelled that right...) I really love seeing how excited he gets about all of this. It's really great to see someone with that much passion and dedication.
Oooo OOOO! I almost forgot: I take my written for my driver's license on the 15th! Giggitty! And this has taken me how LONG!? There are tons of people offering to help teach me to drive, as well. I'm happy, I feel Grateful and Blessed, and am now feeling a bit sleepy again. I'm going to go knock that feeling out before I have to get ready for work. (One quit + one got fired = more hours for me = more money :D ) For those who might actually read this, I'll keep you updated on more good news. (In cheesy game show voice): Thank you for joining us on THIS WEEKS "Good News, Bad News" !

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